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Below are some of the questions we hear most frequently. Contact us if you do not see your answer!

We provide superior quality, licensed care and early education for children 6 weeks to 12 years
old. Carlton Academy has exceptional early education programs for infants, toddlers, early
preschool, preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, as well as school-age and summer camp programs.
Contact a school location for more information!
Yes! Our doors are always open to our families. A parent may visit at any time. We just ask that
you remember that as your child gets older, they may not understand that you are just dropping
in “saying hello.” We always welcome our breast feeding mommies! Feel free to ask our
administration - we are happy to make every effort to accommodate.
Unless a child has a doctor-certified medical reason for not immunizing, every child is required
to be immunized to attend. This requirement does not include flu vaccines or other vaccinations
that are elective by the parents.
We have a free app for our families that allows administration and your child’s teachers to
update you on everything that happens with your child’s day! Parents can receive pictures,
videos, notice of diaper changes, nap times, feeding times, and so much more as a live notification through your phone. At the end of the day, when your child is signed out, we send a
summary electronic daily report via email, so you can see everything for the day in one place.
The app also allows you to check your child in and out at the center!
We are a very secure facility. ALL of our doors are electronically secured, and our front door is
secured with SecuraKey electronic entry- no keypads using codes everyone knows! Only
authorized staff and families may enter the center. Each parent and staff member receives a
unique key fob to access the school during business hours. Visitors must sign-in and provide a
valid ID prior to entering our school.
Carlton Academy schools have security cameras in our classrooms that management routinely
monitors in the administration offices.
Our teachers are certified by the state and meet or exceed all childcare requirements. We require
criminal background checks through local, state and/or federal agencies and verify educational
credentials prior to employment. All teachers complete trainings in early childhood health and
safety and are trained in infant/child/adult CPR and first aid. All teachers complete annual
professional development training courses to advance their early childhood education skills.
We use a combination of award-winning curricula in our Progressive Learning approach. We
utilize Creative Curriculum and Learning Beyond Paper, both of which are exceptional, research-
based curricula approved by every state early educational department, not just Colorado and
Florida. Creative Curriculum and LBP are based upon the latest research in early childhood
education and development and are designed to assist us in providing an individualized, age-
appropriate program for your child, from infants through Pre-K. We additionally incorporate
Spanish, literacy and sign language into our programs.

We strongly believe that our blended program offers a 21 st -Century approach to early learning
with activities that are not only fun but are integrated with important Standards and Alignments.
Our Progressive Learning approach integrates a STEAM focus with social-emotional
development to provide a balanced learning environment for every child during each progressive
phase of their early education. We also incorporate and highlight the importance of Community
Awareness values and encourage each child to begin viewing themselves as a helpful, positively
contributing member of their community.
We do not.  We follow our own.  Please ask for our center calendar of events and closure dates.
We follow the public school system when there are advisories issued for safety purposes, such
that if the public schools issue an emergency closure for weather or other concern, we will
follow suit. We always put safety first! (Many of our teachers are parents of school aged students
Yes, whenever possible!  We love all holidays and sharing everyone’s heritage.  Always feel
free to bring our attention to fun ways to highlight any holiday- we invite you to share with us
and your child’s class!