About Us

We Believe

At Carlton Academy, we believe that children are capable of great things. The skills and characteristics they develop in their preschool years are critically important to their future success in school. These early experiences establish a foundation for learning and development for the road ahead. Although there are standards for what children should be learning during preschool, the way each child develops will vary greatly.

Our Promise

We promise to appreciate childhood as a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle, although we seek to prepare your child for future accomplishments, we value the quality of all of our Carlton Academy children's lives in the present. To provide your child with warm, sensitive, and responsive care to help make your child feel valued as a Carlton Academy student but also as an essential member of her family and community and to gain more from their learning experiences with us.

Nurture Means

To help your child develop a positive sense of their own self-identity and respect for other people whose perspectives and experiences may be different from their own. To never underestimate your child- Children have an enormous capacity to learn!

Our Teachers

Our teachers embrace each child's development separately through a balanced curriculum that meets not only the critical standards of learning, but also the social, emotional and physical needs of your child. This allows them to thrive early on and build a natural love for learning.


Learning at Carlton Academy is about continually reaching new goals through a balanced progression of skills acquisition. Children gain valuable experiences that occur outside the confines of the traditional classroom environment, such as laughing, singing songs, playing with friends and relating to others.

Our Mission

Our mission as a learning academy is to help parents take the first important steps toward equipping their children with the skills and knowledge necessary to become progressive, high-achieving citizens of the future.


Interested in good preschool education for your child? Start the process today!
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Interested in good preschool education for your child? Start the process today!

Digital Learning

At Carlton Academy we partner with families to expand the opportunities for fun, digital learning. We take a progressive approach to education by implementing developmentally appropriate educational software and safe internet-based programs to introduce children to basic computer skills. Some of these educational technology-based products are also made available to our families for use at home and with mobile devices while on the go.

Social Development

Your child will have vast opportunities to make social contacts in small, carefully supervised groups to learn sharing and cooperation. We understand the importance of your child having the comfort of feeling secure in the care of parents and teachers, yet also developing confidence in their own social skills and independence.

Enrichment Programs

'Masterpieces' At Carlton Academy, children are introduced to a wide array of musical and artistic activities. Music and art are a wonderful way for children to express themselves, especially as their language skills are developing. Music is incorporated into many learning activities and has been proven to be an effective method of teaching new information, concepts, and skills. Various genres of music are played throughout the day, including classical music during naptime.

Hometown Academy

Carlton Academy is a locally owned school run by teachers and administrators who have called our town home for years. As parents, it's important to personally know the individuals who are helping your children grow. That's why we hire professionals who are not only trained at the highest levels but are also community leaders and quality neighbors outside of school.