Nurturing to Success

Carlton Academy

Why choose us

Our Vision

With Carlton Academy, we always put the quality of teaching children first.

To Never Underestimate Your Child

Children have an enormous capacity to grow and learn!

To Appreciate

Childhood as a special and valuable stage in life and prepare children for their future accomplishments. We value the uniqueness and quality of all our children lives and strive to help them reach their full potential.

To Help

Your child develop a positive sense of self-identity, respect others whose perspectives may be different from their own and build a strong body and flexible mind.

To Share

A partnership with parents in providing a nurturing learning environment for their children where they can play freely and explore.
We Provide a

Safe and Warm Environment

where children are treated with responsive care and respect and can thrive in a state-of-the-Art, secured facility.
2020 Year
Inaugural Academy Class
45000 +
Sign Language Lessons Taught
50 +
Years of Collective Experience
20 %
Credentialed Child Care Professionals
About the Teachers

Our Teachers

Our teachers embrace each child's development separately through a balanced curriculum that meets not only the critical standards of learning, but also the social, emotional and physical needs of your child. This allows them to thrive early on and build a natural love for learning.

Nurturing to Success

We are excited to share information regarding our quest for excellence and our goal to provide the best possible nurturing and education for each student in the Carlton Academy family. Our mission is to be a “home away from home” where warm embraces and kind smiles and words are given to strengthen and encourage our children to become generous and considerate of others. Our mission as a learning academy is to arm our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become high achieving world citizens.

Enrichment Programs


Discovery Time!

Our Carlton Academy students get an introduction to the exciting world of science, where they learn basic scientific facts in a fun, ape-appropriate environment.

Huddle Up!

Cognitive Development and Memory, Morning gathering time is a fun daily experience for our preschoolers.

Character Development

We develop activities that are designed to instill a life-long commitment to giving back to the community.

Bio Sprouts

Some of the greatest adventures we can have are right in our own backyards. Are Carlton Academy, we bring nature to the playground!

Explore Your World

Our theme-based social studies curriculum incorporates cultural celebrations, community helpers, families and basic history.

Fit and Fun

Running, jumping, bouncing, catching, throwing, climbing, scooting, riding, sliding--the possibilities for fun and laughter are endless!


At Carlton Academy, children are introduced to a wide array of musical and artistic activities.

Language Expression

Children from infancy through 2 years are introduced to sign language, with a progression in the scope.


our program

Progressive Achievements Program

Learning at Carlton Academy is about continually reaching new goals through a balanced progression of skills acquisition. Our Progressive Achievements program encourages children to gain valuable experiences that occur outside the confines of the traditional classroom environment, such as laughing, singing songs, playing with friends and relating to others.
Each set of theme based projects and learning activities provide you child with interesting experiences that support their development. The topics are purposely broad and can be easily extended to incorporate other ideas. Our teachers are experienced in understanding the fundamental practices that engage each age group. While our curriculum provides them the framework for teaching each day, it also allows for their own creative ideas to be incorporated into the day's activities.
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