A Warm Embrace

At Carlton Academy Day School, we have designed an environment for your child that influences learning and life in a meaningful way. A place to give you total confidence in your day care decision.

We know that first and foremost, this confidence begins with the assurance of your child’s safety. To achieve this, we have designed an environment that is anchored by advanced security systems, meticulously trained staff, advanced security technologies and equipment, and rigid safety policies. All are reviewed on an ongoing basis for effectiveness. Carlton Academy also has cameras in select classrooms which may be remotely accessed by families of children in those classrooms through our WebWatchMyDay program.

At Carlton Academy Day School, every child, every day, has the opportunity to learn—safely and securely. For parents, that means unparalleled peace of mind.

Please read our Safety Policies:

Strictly Monitored Access

  • We employ tight security for all facility entrances. No unlocked doors—ever.
  • We use single-action locks (which keep unauthorized people from entering buildings, but never hinder escape).
  • Security cameras surround the perimeter of the building.
  • There is mandatory electronic sign-in for all parents and visitors.
  • All staff members and families are reminded to not allow others they do not recognize through the building entrances.
  • A coded securakey security system further allows us to control and monitor access to our facility.

Pick-up Authorization

  • All adults who pick up children from Carlton Academy Day School must be authorized to do so. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • If an adult the staff is unfamiliar with comes to pick up a child, we check that adult’s identification. If the individual is not on file as fully authorized by the parent(s) or guardian(s), the child will not be released in his or her custody. Again, no exceptions.
  • Your Academy Director keeps an updated file of names, addresses and phone numbers of people authorized to pick up children in case of an emergency.
  • Policy states that no one under sixteen years of age (unless he or she is the child’s parent) is permitted to pick-up a child.

Any visitor to Carlton Academy Day School must sign in in our secure waiting area, present picture ID, and communicate their reason for visiting. Unauthorized individuals will not be allowed past the lobby.

Personal Information and Vigilance

  • Safeguarding personal information is a cornerstone of safety. We will never share information about a child with anyone except parents or authorized guardians.
  • We are alert and aware of our surroundings and ask that parents help by reporting anything out of the ordinary to us and the local authorities. We do not permit adults or children on our property unless they have an affiliation to Carlton Academy Day School.

Health and Sanitation Standards

  • No adult worker is hired at Carlton Academy Day School without a signed physical exam from a doctor to certify his or her health. All state-required standards for health are met or exceeded.
  • Staff members are not permitted to work when ill.
  • Comprehensive health records and histories are required before a child is admitted to Carlton Academy Day School. Information on allergies, immunizations, and emergency contacts are continually maintained and updated.
  • ALL children, staff, visitors and parents are asked to wash their hands upon entering Carlton Academy Day School.
  • Children and staff routinely wash their hands when coming in from the outside; before preparing, serving, or eating food; after diapering and toileting; and after cleaning up sneezes.
  •  We take serious precautions in dealing with body fluids.
  • We have an aggressive cleanup regimen in place to ensure the highest standards.
  • We ask parents to use discretion when a child is ill. We cannot allow sick children on our premises.

Equipment and Furniture Safety

  • All equipment used inside and outside Carlton Academy Day School is evaluated for optimal safety.
  • Furniture is appropriately sized for the age of the child, and is tip-resistant and designed without sharp corners.
  • All equipment and furniture is inspected on a rigid schedule to ensure its condition and safety. It’s replaced immediately if found to be deficient in any way.

Standards for Food Preparation

  • Carlton Academy Day School serves only the safest and most nutritious meals. Staff is carefully trained in the sanitary handing and preparation of food.
  • We consult with the USDA to confirm the nutrition content of our meals.
  • Hot drinks are never in the vicinity of children. Food is never prepared hot enough to burn.
  • Appliances are securely beyond the reach of small hands.

Emergency Preparedness
We believe if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. In an emergency this is not an option. We have taken these steps to further ensure the safety of everyone at Carlton Academy Day School:

  • We are aware of our area’s unique risks and have developed and emergency action plan with local emergency management and the Red Cross.
  • Our staff is fully trained to execute the emergency plan.
  • As part of the plan, we are prepared to relocate children offsite in case they need to be moved quickly for their safety. Upon enrollment we will share these emergency locations.
  • We conduct monthly fire drills with your child. Children of proper maturity learn also to identify the exits.
  • We test smoke alarms and fire extinguishers monthly to make sure that they are in working order and meet legal standards.
  • Our staff is trained on how to use fire extinguishers.

Team Standards
A very talented and diverse group of people make up our team. Each must pass rigorous background checks and meet our qualifications. The process begins by asking ourselves ‘Would I trust this person with my child?’

Transporting Children

  • The educational and exciting activities we plan are all in secure and kid friendly environments.
  • Parents must give permission for their children to attend the field trip by signing the field trip form at the Academy, prior to the field trip.
  • Our teachers keep constant watch over the children and use attendance sheets before they leave the Academy, on the van, periodically during the trip, prior to loading the van to return, on the return van, and at the Academy when the trip is over. A copy of the attendance sheet remains at the Academy during the trip.
  • Each child has a nametag with all of the Academy information on it to wear during the trip.

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