Terrific Twos- Watch What We Can Do!

Our curriculum emphasizes language development to help children turn their thoughts into words and sentences. Children at this age have so much to share with the world around them- and they are just beginning to understand group play and how to communicate their thoughts with words. Their methods of personal expression are changing and the curriculum focuses on providing your child with plenty of group activities to practice social skills, such as cooperation, sharing and taking turns. New skills are presented in a logical, natural sequence to encourage learning and an enjoyment of learning.

To meet our program objectives, each classroom provides:

  • Your child with a balance of nurturing, learning and playtime throughout the day.
  • Developmentally appropriate materials, implements and space to encourage cognitive development.
  • Stimulation for your child’s eager mind with monthly class themes, providing a rich array of daily activities and a variety of experiences.
  • Your child with as much activity as she would like to undertake with Learning Centers focusing on dramatic play, creative arts, language development and sensory exploration.
  • Opportunities for your child to gain confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning.
  • An environment that safely keeps your child’s busy fingers, feet and minds engaged and happy.
  • You with regular communication with teachers, including daily notes and verbal updates, so that you are informed about your child’s day. Of course, you are encouraged to use our fully interactive and integrated website as an effective source of communication at your convenience, day or night.

Language Development/ Early Literacy We endorse the concept that early literacy skills and language/ communication skills are enhanced by word and story repetition, playing word games and teaching with picture books that involve word repetition and word association. By reading, singing and talking to your child throughout the day, your child is stimulated visually and auditorily.

Foundational Math Skills
Through sorting, grouping and counting, your child will develop a strong conceptual foundation for math. Our learning centers provide ample opportunity for a variety of activities to engage your child’s interest.

Scientific Discovery and Creativity
Teacher -led group experiments using simple materials and instructions, allow your child to explore basic scientific concepts. They predict outcomes, discuss results and hypothesize new experiments to prove their concepts. Our program offers a sensory-rich environment to stimulate your child’s curiosity and to encourage cognitive and brain development. We encourage all children to express themselves creatively, thereby strengthening their intellect, building social skills, and enhancing self-esteem.
Physical/Motor Development
Our classrooms, unique indoor and outdoor playgrounds and equipment are designed for your child to safely explore as he or she improves coordination and builds motor skills. Only play equipment that is developmentally appropriate for our Terrific Two’s is accessible to them and each developmental age group is separated from others more or less advanced yet, they are able to watch and learn from each other.

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