Great Leaps with Small Steps – Toddlers

Understanding that children are active constructors of knowledge and that development and learning are the result of interactive processes, experts and our teachers recognize that children’s play is a highly supportive context for these developing processes.2 Play gives children opportunities to understand the world, interact with others in social ways, express and control emotions, and develop their symbolic capabilities. Much of our toddler program is based on practical real-world sensory experiences. They spend much of the day singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring-indoors and out. They also begin to learn basic words as part of early literacy implementation and numbers, play simple games and develop social relationships with each other.

Many of the activities your child will enjoy are devoted to creating a foundation for early linguistic skills and to improvement of physical coordination as they safely explore our unique- to- Carlton Academy indoor playgrounds and spacious outdoor playgrounds. Toddlers love to see the ways in which they can affect their surroundings- so they thrill to turn dials, push buttons, turn sturdy book pages, mold with clay and play in the sandbox and at water tables. This seems like play to us but for your child, these are opportunities to use their senses and use movement to engage their minds and assist in their brain development.

At this time in your child’s development, we believe in the importance of encouraging your child to practice cooperation, sharing, taking turns, and happy interaction with others during teacher supervised daily group activities.

2 Piaget 1952; Fein 1981; Bergen 1988; Smilansky & Shefatya 1990; Fromberg 1992; Berk & Winsler 1995); Heron & Sutton-Smith 1971; Vygotsky 1978.

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