Carlton Academy Pre-kindergarten (4 to 5 years)

Preparing for school and a lifetime of successes.

This is an important time in a child’s life to prepare for school and to develop a love of learning. Our pre-kindergarten curriculum promotes independence while preparing your child for kindergarten. We facilitate this transition to kindergarten by ensuring that the children are familiar with structured environments that are intended to promote learning in the classroom. Children will be assessed to determine their “readiness” for school and will be encouraged to strengthen those skills that will allow them to transition to kindergarten more smoothly.
Our teachers are familiar with the public and private schools in the Tampa area and are familiar with the assessment programs employed to either select children for admission or to allow entry into kindergarten. We also focus more on group play to further refine social skills, such as listening, constructive participation, sharing and cooperation. This is a very special time of excitement and transition in your child’s life and it is our privilege to assist them in taking their next big step.To meet our program objectives:

  • Our program carefully prepares your child for kindergarten.
  • Your child will continue learning with increased focus on letter recognition and improved vocabulary.
  • Your child will continue learning with increased focus on basic math skills, including numbers recognition and recognition of values to numbers. Scientific skills and creativity will be enhanced by continued exposure to hands-on experiences.
  • Thematic learning units will continue to encourage curiosity and self-confidence in their learning skills.
  • Group activities develop social skills, such as listening, constructively participating in class, sharing, and cooperation.
  • You will have regular communication with teachers, including daily notes and verbal updates, so that you are informed about your child’s day. Of course, you are encouraged to use our fully interactive and integrated website as an effective source of communication at your convenience, day or night.

Our curriculum continues to be organized into theme based units which begin with topics most familiar to the children, then progress to more complex topics as the children develop their skills and self-confidence as active learners. This thematic approach prompts discussions about their world and their involvement in that world. Each learning unit incorporates mathematics, science, language, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development. Our rich, nurturing environment supports your child’s development socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually to prepare him or her for kindergarten, but we never forget that children love to learn when learning is fun.

At this stage of your child’s learning, our curriculum is designed to meet early learning standards established by state departments of education and national professional teaching organizations.

Language Development/ Early Literacy
Each day our curriculum focuses on age-appropriate literacy objectives, including letter recognition, letter sounds and emerging writing skills. This continues to be a critical time in the development of children’s fundamental reading and writing skills, so we build upon and continue to introduce age appropriate high-quality and award winning children’s literature to promote a love of reading. Even at this age, repetition of stories and words remains the cornerstone to early literacy.

Foundational Math Skills
Children have by now been introduced to the rich world of numbers, including sorting, grouping and as well as more advanced math skills. Daily instruction is provided in a fun and engaging manner to help them learn to classify, match, sort, construct, count, and measure.

Scientific Discovery and Creativity
Our program remains similar to that introduced in preschool, however, the complexity and subject matter continues to diversify and broaden along with your child’s progressing skills. Teacher -led group experiments using progressively more complex, but harmless materials and instructions, continue to allow your child to explore basic scientific concepts. They predict outcomes, discuss results and hypothesize new experiments to prove their concepts. Our program offers a sensory-rich environment to stimulate your child’s curiosity and to encourage cognitive and brain development. We encourage all children to express themselves creatively, thereby strengthening their intellect, building social skills, and enhancing self-esteem. Children also have an opportunity to demonstrate their abundant creativity through dramatic play, music and art. Creative activity develops imagination and independence, and fosters confidence.

Children also participate in creative arts and music experiences. They are exposed to multicultural music and dance, classical musicians, as well as other recognized master artists and their mediums.

Physical/Motor Development
Our classrooms, unique indoor and outdoor playgrounds and equipment are designed for your child to safely explore as he or she improves coordination and builds motor skills. Children develop their large motor skills, such as running, jumping, throwing and kicking as well have opportunities for learning to pay co-operatively with others.

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