Carlton Academy Day School ensures YOU will always be a part of your child’s day.

With each passing day your child is changing and growing not only physically, but cognitively, socially and emotionally. At Carlton Academy we want you to share in your child’s daily experiences with us. Our teachers and staff provide daily updates on your child’s development and let you know about all the milestones, developmental changes, and fun activities that your child has enjoyed.

We ensure open communication not only with daily updates but also through our comprehensive website. Of course, Carlton Academy professional staff are available via e-mail and telephone at your convenience. As our most valued partner in contributing to the growth and education of your child, you are always welcome to contact us by telephone, mail and e-mail as set forth on the “contact us” page.

At Carlton Academy we are eager to understand your needs and meet them. We respect that you, as a parent, are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life and we seek to work together with you to foster a nurturing learning environment for your child while your child is with us each day. It is our honor to participate in the excitement and learning your child experiences each day and it is our firm commitment to provide your child with the best in early childhood education, presented in a warm, supportive, nurturing environment that supports the needs of not only your child, but yours as well.

In developmentally appropriate programs, assessment and curriculum are integrated, with teachers continually engaging in observational assessment for the purpose of improving teaching and learning.

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